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“Finding things to do in the city can be tedious. With No Questions Asked, I wanted to recreate the way people currently discover new places while experimenting with the paradox of choice.”

~ Kim Goulbourne aka “Bourn”, Creator

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About the project

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No Questions Asked is a challenge that dares New Yorkers to have at least one new experience a week. The challenge takes place Summer 2017 and lasts for 6 weeks. It was born out of a desire to try new things with limited time to do so. While there are lots of lists available for cool and interesting things to do, going through all those options is a chore and so you end up asking friends or picking a place at random. By curating experiences and focusing on one adventure per week, NQA makes it easier to explore the city if you don't know where to start.

About the creator

Kim Goulbourne aka “Bourn” is an award-winning designer and chronic creator. Her other projects include Bitter Renter, Hashtags Unplugged and Founder Mantras. Check out more of her work at:


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