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New York City | July 24th - Sept 3rd

One new experienceper week, for 6 weeks,no questions asked.

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A challenge that dares you to explore your city.

About experiences

highly curatedexperiences

Unique restaurants, bars, art shows, performances and more, tailored to you.

a new challengeevery monday

Get weekly challenges based on the theme of the week. Delivered via the mobile app.

About mondays

a new challengeevery monday

Get weekly challenges based on the theme of the week. Delivered via the mobile app.

About nyc

all over thebig apple

Discover new places in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Here’s what to expect

  1. By July 20th
    sign up and setyour preferences

  2. By July 21st
    get access tothe mobile app

  3. By July 24th
    accept yourfirst challenge

iPhone No Questions Asked app preview
No Questions Asked app preview

7 days to complete

Do an experience in your own time, as long as you do it within the week.

7 days to complete

Up to 2 skips per week

If you don't like the week's selection, don't worry we'll give you 2 more.

Up to 2 skips per week

Before you ask

What types of experiencescan I expect?

We're curating experiences that could include food, drink, shows, performances or an art exhibition.

Which boroughs willbe included?

In this first edition, we'll be focusing on Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

How many experienceswill I get a week?

Each week you will be given one experience which falls under the themed challenge of the week. If you complete the experience before the weekend, you get the option to complete another bonus experience.

What if I don't likethe experience I get?

You get 2 skips per week. A skip allows you to pass on an experience. If you skip all three experiences, your week will be marked as incomplete and you will have to wait until Monday for the next challenge.

Will everyone getthe same experience?

Nope. To avoid crowds we'll be randomizing the experiences distributed each week. You may or may not have the same experience as your friend.

Do I need the appto do the challenge?

The app will be best way to keep track of your challenges but there will also be a limited web version available.

Do I have to be21 and over?

In some of the experiences you may have to be so please be honest with your age when you sign up. You do have at least be 16+ to take the challenge.

What about my dietaryrestrictions?

Tell us what they are when you sign up. We'll take that into consideration when giving you an experience that includes food.

Is there a deadlinefor signing up?

Yes! You have up until July 20th to sign up for the challenge. What are you waiting for? Do it now! :)

Craving new experiences butdon't know where to start?

You just missed the summer edition.We’ll keep you posted.


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